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This question has been bandied around many times in all sorts of contexts.

From a professional accounting firm perspective, which comes first? The chicken or the egg? Or, in simple terms, do we employ first and hence have “stock on the shelf” available to sell, or do we get the work first and then look for the resources?

I believe this depends on the key driver of the entrepreneur – are we in for the short run or the long haul? Build the business, then sell the same and make some capital profit or build the business, sustain it and build value over the long term. There is little doubt that room in between these extremes exists; however, to answer the question, we have to be extreme…

The nearer-minded person who has a profit or short-term goal is likely to go out and seek the work and then worry about delivering the same. I believe this is a more stressful route to follow and requires an ability to “convince” prospective clients that you have the capacity (skill and capability goes without saying) to deliver and knowing full well that you do not have “stock-on-the shelves”.

The longer-term vision is one that takes the financial risk of staff on the books but has the peace of mind that you have resources to deliver.

Which is more correct probably depends on the economy and the many macro-economic, political and social factors we face on a daily basis. CRHA