CR Hook and Associates (Pty) Ltd was incorporated with the Registrar of Companies on 18 January 2018.

The Company’s sole director, Craig Hook, a Chartered Accountant and retired partner of Ernst & Young has been in the profession for in excess of 30 years.

Craig has managed and delivered multiple projects at a number of organisations ranging from smaller to medium sized entities as well large globally listed organisations. This breadth of experience in adapting to various organisational needs places him at a distinct advantage in relation to similar small to medium sized firms.

During his tenure at Ernst & Young he has worked across most disciplines within the professional accountancy firm including assurance, corporate finance, performance advisory, risk management, taxation and compliance competencies within the business

He has delivered the above services to a range of sectors including the financial services sector, telecommunications, retail, oil and gas, consumer products and manufacturing.

Craig has spent the past 15 years  focussing primarily on building and developing a globally recognised accounting and payroll compliance business where he  has serviced many local and multinational organisations. Craig’s entrepreneurial flair has seen the growth of this business by in excess of 500% over the past 7 years.

His specialism include identifying and converting key market opportunities, business innovation, focussing focusing on enhancements to routine  processes, employing technology where applicable and identifying opportunities to expand services whilst being focussed on key client deliverables..

Together with his experienced staff Craig will, through CR Hook and Associates (Pty) Ltd, continue to serve a range of accounting and payroll clients and at the same time grow and expand the business in the fields of accounting, payroll and taxation.

In addition to the above, Craig’s experience as the Human Resources leader for Ernst & Young some years ago, places him in the unique position of providing a human capital service to clients. Over the past 30 years Craig has built an extensive network of professionals and is keen to leverage this for the benefits of corporates and individuals.

In this regard CR Hook and Associates (Pty) Ltd will be providing a placement and secondment service to clients whereby we will match people to meet your short or long term business needs Craig’s experiences in the financial and human capital markets will ensure that clients requirements are met efficiently, professionally and competently with minimum, delay and at reasonable, competitive rates.

For further information please contact Craig Hook at or 083 282 1535.

Craig Hook

Mob. 083 282 1535